About GoPackJo

Phil is an internet nobody from near Madison, Wisconsin.  He has been building the ‘gopackjo’ brand since 1997, and has achieved more success then he could have ever dreamed of.  In person he is very uncomfortable to be around, and a bit creepy.  I would like to say that he means well, but who really knows what his motivations are.


5 Responses to “About GoPackJo”

  1. 1 Nancy Raine Smego

    Let’s not forget distracted and disinterested.

  2. 2 norajane

    I can’t get me enough of that GoPackJo!

  3. 3 Barry Delmar

    Barry Delmar loves Phil

  4. 4 Kelly

    Why do I get a media fire.com written in red and it won’t download and then sometimes I grt a green and it downloads? Very very frustrating!!!!!

  5. 5 Amber

    Hi there, why did you stop updating Just Jenny? Curious, I really enjoyed listening to the shows especially now that it is not on at a convenient time for me.

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