Just Jenny – June 2015


June 2015 – 19 shows (858mb)   Download link

2015-06-30  Eric Segall with SCOTUS News.  Dr. Jenn Wider with Medical Talk. Scott Levy talks about women, social media & business.

2015-06-29  Is vigilante justice OK?  News with Bill Schulz.  Summer is here!  Michael Kelly from House Of Cards.


2015-06-26  Jenny talks SCOTUS marriage ruling with Eric Segall. Dr. Joseph Raffaele talks aging.  Joel McHale!!!

2015-06-25  Jenny talks to Peri Gilpin.  Eric Segall talks the news.  Natasha Lyonne in studio.  Jackie Collins.

2015-06-24   It’s Weight Wednesday.  Amber Brown from Extreme Weight Loss.  Actress Uzo Aduba.

2015-06-23   Jenny has doctor issues.  Things break!  Dr. Jenna Wider.  Filmmaker Brian Grazer.

2015-06-22   Jenny talks about the Charleston Shooting.  Do you give honest advice to your friends?  Lauren Miller.  Author Candace Bushnell.


2015-06-19   Tanya Williams.  Captain Tom Bunn talks about fear of flying.  Jenny Johnson?  Rob Delaney.

2015-06-18   Jenny talks about the South Carolina shooting.  Eric Segall.  Adam Glassman.

2015-06-17   Jenny is on Wendy Williams today!

2015-06-16   A recap of Jenny’s LA trip.  Doctor Jenn Wider.  Author Brad Meltzer.

2015-06-15   Jenny is off to be on The Talk!


2015-06-12   Lots of Rachel Dolezal talk.  Jamilla Deria from the Apollo Theater.  Dominique Ansel.

2015-06-11   Charreah Jackson talks relationships.  Sunny Hostin with legal news.  Author Ali Wentworth.

2015-06-10   Jenny has the day off.

2015-06-09   Robert Verdi, Gretta Monahan, Dr. Jenn Wider & Adam Carolla in studio.

2015-06-08   Ali Wentworth in studio.  Lisa Bloom talks about the McKinney, Texas pool party.  Grant Cardone in studio.


2015-06-05   Soon

2015-06-04   Soon

2015-06-03   Soon

2015-06-02   Soon

2015-06-01   Soon



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