Just Jenny – April 2015


April 2015 – 21 shows (862mb)   Download link


2015-04-30   Danaye Barahona & Lauren Bowling.

2015-04-29   Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien, Maria Bello, Ramona Singer & Sonja Morgan.

2015-04-28   Baltimore Riots talk, Penelope Ann Miller, Effie Write & Dr. Jenn Wider.

2015-04-27   Dr. Jeffrey Fishberger & comedian Anna Drezen.


2015-04-24   Suzanne Somers, Michael Rapaport, Artie Lange & Dog the Bounty Hunter.

2015-04-23   Joey Maalouf, Cara Santana & Eric Segall.

2015-04-22   Author Dallas Hartwig & Joni Edelman.

2015-04-21   Bill Nye, Jill Soloway & Dr. Jenn Wider.

2015-04-20   Lenore Skenazy talks about Free Range Parenting & infertility talk.


2015-04-17   Jenny Johnson, TV talk with Alicia Rancilio & songwriter Cynthia Weil.

2015-04-16   Jenny took the day off to be on Wendy Williams.

2015-04-15   Actor Kal Penn, author Alexandra Jamieson, Dr. Sara Gottfried talks hormones & Dr. Joel Kahn.

2015-04-14   Comedian Loni Love & Ron Mitchell talks career and resumes.

2015-04-13   Damian Holbrook talks Game of Thrones, Bill Schulz & Vegan blogger Elisa Camahort.


2015-04-10   Damian Holbrook, numerologist Glynis McCants & actor Gary Cole.

2015-04-09   Debbie Gibson, lifecoach Stefanie Ziev & comedian Nikki Glaser.

2015-04-08   Dr. Mark Hyman & author Brian Donovan.

2015-04-07   Eric Segall,  Dr. Jenn Wider & Nick Zano.

2015-04-06   Jenny took the day off today.


2015-04-03   Soon

2015-04-02   Soon

2015-04-01   Jenny is in Los Angeles to appear on The Talk again!


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