Just Jenny – March 2015


March 2015 – 21 shows (958mb)   Download link


2015-03-31   No show today.  Jenny is heading for Los Angeles!

2015-03-30   Soon


2015-03-27   Soon

2015-03-26   Soon

2015-03-25   Soon

2015-03-24   Soon

2015-03-23   Soon


2015-03-20   Soon

2015-03-19   Soon

2015-03-18   Soon

2015-03-17   Soon

2015-03-16   Soon


2015-03-13   Soon

2015-03-12   Soon

2015-03-11   Soon

2015-03-10   Soon

2015-03-09   Soon


2015-03-06   Jenny Johnson, Sara Benincasa, Lana Parrilla and Jack McBrayer!

2015-03-05   Perez Hilton is on my show today! Felicity Huffman, and Anne Heche on too!

2015-03-04   Weight Wednesday!  Were you, or are you the ‘fat friend’?  Jessie Kahnweiler talking about her webseries ‘The Skinny’.  Jenny’s cardiologist Hooman Yaghoobzadeh.  Author Danielle Walker in studio to talk everything gluten free.  I talk to volleyball great Gabby Reese.

2015-03-03   Eric Segall with legal news.  Dr. Jen Wider with medical news, and talking penis size.  Who were you in ‘The Breakfast Club’.  Do your kids criticize what you wear and how you behave?  Do you change because of their critiques?

2015-03-02   Yay! Im back on in the daytime!  Bill Schulz with the news.  Hoda Kotb talks everything.  Did you see ’50 Shades Of Grey?’



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