Just Jenny – January 2015


January 2015 – 18 shows (817mb)   Download link


2015-01-30   My sometimes lover Jenny Johnson.  Super Bowl food ideas from Chef Jourdan ChaTaun.  What’s your favorite Super Bowl food?  To what length would you go to be beautiful?  Someone else’s poop in you belly to be thin?  Urine on your face for clear skin?!

2015-01-29   News with legal analyst Tanya Williams.  Damian Holbrook from TV Guide talks TV.  Do you perform surgery on yourself?  Are you a picker?  Tony Goldwyn from ABC’s Scandal!

2015-01-28   It’s Weight Wednesday.  Healthy Dessert Blogger, Chocolate Covered Katie.  Sarah Fragoso from Everyday Paleo.  Do you think there’s a trend toward major fat acceptance?  Is this a good thing?!

2015-01-27   Alright you guys… I want to hear all about your snow days! Call me tonight.  We talk news with Eric Segall.  Death penalty discussion with Pete Dominick.  Are you pro or against it, and does method of punishment matter?!  Dr. Jennifer Wider talks Tinnitus, Germaphobes and the Measles Outbreak at DisneyLand.  Patrick Adams from ‘Suits’ in studio.

2015-01-26   Snowmageddon 2015!  Anthony DeRosa talks Hot Topics.  Jason Bowman, the Weather Concierge talks about the weather.  Who would you want to be with during a “sock in” storm?  Can you believe people are Tindering so they wont be alone?  Did you prepare for winter storm Juno?  Do you always prepare for storms?  There’s a documentary coming out about Scientology… Why do people take issue with this religion more than other religions?


2015-01-23   Should journalists have extra protection from being prosecuted for some of their potentially illegal actions?  I talk to Jenny Johnson.  How old is too old for your child (age of child) to be seeing you naked?!  Dr. Steve talking women and squirting!!  I’m not even kidding.  Ian Ziering talks Sharknado, and more.

2015-01-22   Is it a good decision that the house voted to disallow federal funding for abortions?!  Hot Topics with Bill Schulz.  I talk to Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York.  Parental anxiety and teenagers!  Are you an anxious parent?!  I may or may not have had a parental panic attack today and by may I mean I did!

2015-01-21   No show today.

2015-01-20   Hot Topics with Tanya Williams.  Upset about American Sniper or think it’s a terrific movie?  Dr. Jenna Wider with lady medical stuff…  Why Sex Can Hurt, Thyroid Problems and Coffee and Melanoma.  PLUS New Kids on the Block in studio!

2015-01-19   MLK Day Off.

2015-01-16   Soon

2015-01-15   Soon

2015-01-14   Soon

2015-01-13   Soon

2015-01-12   Soon

2015-01-09   Soon

2015-01-08   Soon

2015-01-07   Soon

2015-01-06   Soon

2015-01-05   Soon


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