Just Jenny – November 2014


November 2014 – 16 shows (771mb)   Download link


2014-11-26 – 2014-11-28   Jenny’s off for Thanksgiving.

2014-11-25   Soon

2014-11-24   Soon


2014-11-21   Soon

2014-11-20   Soon

2014-11-19   Soon

2014-11-18   Soon

2014-11-17   I’m talking to Tony Robbins tomorrow & I’m SUPER excited!  What would you ask him?  Live with Ant DeRosa talking Circa & ISIS.  Operation Hoods Off and Ferguson.  Is Bill Cosby guilty?  ‘Naughty But Nice’ Rob Shuter with gossip!  The Pope  says he’s against Stem Cell Research, Abortion & the Right To Die act… What do you think?  Lisa Vanderpump in studio.


2014-11-14   Are you bothered that Time Magazine wants to ban ‘Feminist’?  Megan Amram talks about ‘Science For Her’.  Mark Zuckerberg has a clothing uniform… and he’s a billionaire. What’s your uniform?  Is it ok to raise kids vegan? Vegan Babies?  Does anybody feel bad for Mama June?  There should have been some sort of intervention long before now, right?!

2014-11-13   Hot Topics!  Vacation Breasts… Yay or nay?  ET & The Insider’s Brad Bessey calls in to talk about the ET interview with Mama June.  Ben Feldman talks with Jenny.  TV Guide’s Damian Holbrook talks TV.  John Leguizamo talks about Fugly.

2014-11-12   It’s Weight Wednesday!  This evening on my show, talking to Terry Hope!  Questions: 1. Why is everyone bothered by Kim Kardashian naked?  2. Is that Calvin Klein model plus size?  3. Are anorexia and bulimia a choice?  What’s your favorite fast food?!  Nutrition author Brenda Watson talks ‘Skinny Gut Diet’.  Such an interesting conversation!  Hutt stuff!

2014-11-11   Racist teacher’s firing… Fair or Foul?  Wife’s suing husband’s mistress, with attorney Robert Wolf!  Dr. Jen Wider & Dr. Jenn Berman.

2014-11-10   Is it ok to yell at another person’s kid?  Do you tell on other people’s kids when you know that they’re lying?  Anthony DeRosa with headlines.  ‘Naugthy But Nice’ Rob Shuter with gossip.  Jonathan Jackson in studio talking Nashville and Enation!


2014-11-07   What to do when people screw you over?!  Dr. Suzana Flores talks about Facehooked, and the hazards of social media!  Joey McIntyre.

2014-11-06   Live from LA!  BIG SHOW!  Is ‘honky’ offensive?  And are you angry with Artie Lange?!  Christa Miller and Julieanne Smolinski in studio!

2014-11-05   Live from LA!  Weight Wednesday!  Are you angry with Victoria’s Secret about their perfect body campaign?  Ann Gentry talks about her Los Angeles restaurant Real Food, and health and wellness, and weight!  Is Rev Al Sharpton too thin?  Have you been accused of being lazy because you’re overweight?!  Dolvett Quince in studio to talk about The Biggest Loser.

2014-11-04   Hot Topics.  What should I wear on a plane?!  Do you dress up?  Pete Dominick talks midterm elections.  Dr. Jenna Wider talks medicine, and why are we always tired?!?!  Nicholas Sparks talks about ‘The Best Of Me’.

2014-11-03   BIG SHOW!  Jenny Johnson is with me for hot topics.  I could talk to Jenny Johnson for hours.  Do you agree with the Die With Dignity act?  Are you a thrill seeker?  Do you kiss your kids on the mouth?  Lisa Kudrow!  ‘Naughty But Nice’ Rob Shuter, and YOUR CALLS!  Hutt Stuff.



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