Just Jenny – October 2014


October 2014 – 22 shows (612mb)   Download link


2014-10-31   Listen to my LIVE show while Trick or Treating!  What’s the sluttiest costume you ever wore? (or are wearing?!)  Best costume gets a prize.  My dad, Charles Koppleman, will answer business questions.  Kim from Sweet Surrender, and what’s your favorite candy say about you?!  And  author Brad Meltzer!

2014-10-30   Kaci Hickox controversy!  The catcalling video.  Is it OK to look at/stalk your kids’ teachers’ Facebook pages?  Tanya Willaims talks hot topics.  And Tamar Braxton & Vince.

2014-10-29   Weight Wednesday!  Hear legend Barry Manilow, and Soul Cycle great Stacey Griffith!  Should weight be added to employment discrimination standards?!  Is it ok for a boss to be mean because you’re fat?!  Tonight’s Hutt Stuff is Hershey Chocolate Twizzlers!

2014-10-28   Women and Aging.  Is plastic surgery to combat aging a good thing?!  Star Jones talks about the Nat’l Association of Professional Women.  Little girls video with profanity about inequality.  Johnny Weir talks about ‘To Russia With Love’.  Dr. Jennifer Wider.

2014-10-27   I’m kicking off my SiriusXM Just Jenny Show at a new time!  Two Hours Live at 8pmET/5pmPT!  Anthony DeRosa talks news.  Ryan Phillippe talks pronunciation and life.  ‘Naughty But  Nice’ Rob Shuter gossips!


2014-10-24   Ebola in New York City!!!  Aaron Paul takes on Toys R Us… Is he right?!  Call!  Aaron, you too.  Really!

2014-10-23   We talk about the Ottawa shooting.  Shonda Rhimes and Sex Scenes.  Alison Lou C from Alison Lou Jewels in studio!

2014-10-22   Weight Wednesday!  Employers and weight!  Michelle & Matt from Thug Kitchen on the phone… NSFW!  Bella Thorne in studio!

2014-10-21   I have a big announcement about my SiriusXM show… Can You Guess?!  Monica Lewinsky is on twitter! What are a parents’ legal responsibility  for their kids with Cyberbullying?

2014-10-20   Jenny talks about Ebola and the Scough.  Hannah Graham and how do we keep our girls safe?!  Jordin Sparks stops by.


2014-10-17   How are you prepared for Ebola?!  Which do you care about most… ISIS, Ebola or Apple?!  Plus Maria Bello!

2014-10-16   I am LIVE on SiriusXM 109 talking Ebola Whistleblower!!

2014-10-15   Weight Wednesday!  Meghan McCain in studio!!  Dr. Ira Breite talks about Fecal Matter Transplants.

2014-10-14   Dr. Nancy Snyderman in studio talks Ebola. OMG!  Jane Velez Mitchell talks Jodi Arias.  Suzanne Somers talking ‘I’m Too Young For This’.

2014-10-13   Jenny took the day off.


2014-10-10   Should women ask for what they need?  Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft says no!  Is ‘sexting’ teens new first base?  What can you do about it?

2014-10-09   Is Right To Die a good thing?!  Kate Walsh talks about ‘Bad Judge’ on NBC.

2014-10-08   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Can social media help with weight loss?!  The Food Babe, Vani Hari talks about healthy options, good vs bad!

2014-10-07   Ben Affleck vs Bill Maher… who was correct re: ISIS and Islam?  Then Mark Harmon talk about CSI on CBS!!

2014-10-06   Ebola vs ISIS… Who is the bigger threat?!  Ben Affleck vs Bill Maher, who wins?  Allison Slater Tate talks about her childhood.


2014-10-03   Ebola talk.  Is the Boston Herald’s Obama political cartoon racist?  Marilu Henner is studio talks women’s issues.

2014-10-02   Do you have Ebola fear?  Taye Diggs in studio to talk about ‘The Good Wife’.  Marilu Henner is stopping by!

2014-10-01   Weight Wednesday!  Whats the best diet for health?  Bethenny Frankel live in studio talking about ‘Cookie Meets Peanut’, Skinny Girl & Confiture.


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