Just Jenny – September 2014


September 2014 – 17 shows (407mb)   Download link


2014-09-30   Jenny is back in NYC after taking a red eye home.  But still no show.

2014-09-29   Jenny is off today, but she has a good reason.  She was on ‘The Talk’!


2014-09-26   Happy Jewish New Year. We talk about Derek Jeter.  Should Bill Simmons have been suspended?  Roxane Bey talks about her book ‘Bad Feminist’.

2014-09-25   Jenny’s off today to celebrate Rosh Hashanah.

2014-09-24   Weight Wednesday!  Is Chris Christie’s weight our business? Is there weight loss jealousy?  Jenny talks to Chloe Coscarelli live!

2014-09-23   We talk about Emma Watson’s speech on gender equality.  Shonda Rhimes has been labeled an ‘Angry Black Woman’!  Jenny talks to Antonio Sabato, Jr.

2014-09-22   Ashley Judd in studio!!  Plus the adorable Katie Linendoll talks iPhone6, and gadgets & gizmos aplenty!


2014-09-19   Jenny talks about Sheryl Underwood’s confession on The Talk. What if this happened to you?! Haley Joel Osment in studio. Marlon Wayans in studio.

2014-09-18   Ever find out something you didn’t know about YOU on Facebook?!  Kristen Chase talks reverse slut shaming.

2014-09-17   Weight Wednesday! Dieting? Watching Biggest Loser Is fat shaming just honesty? Weigh in… Hehe. Also Laura Slayton of Foodtrainers will be on with me to talk about how to get back on track!  Also included… Jenny hosts a special on SiriusXM STARS called “Why Didn’t She Just Leave” concerning domestic abuse, and it’s place in the headlines.

2014-09-16   Jenny talks about the NFL, Adrian Peterson. and Ray Rice. With updates! We also talk about Dancing With The Stars. And Viggo Mortensen in studio. Facebook breakup?

2014-09-15   Customer service fails.  The Adrian Peterson situation and Cris Carter’s response. I love him! Is it ever ok to hit or punish a child with a switch? Group Chat Etiquette.


2014-09-12   Friday sound off! Call in with whatever is on your mind! Plus Steve Madden interview!

2014-09-11   9/11 remembered.  Ray Rice talk.  Jenny interviews Steve Madden.  Awkward LinkedIn requests.

2014-09-10   Connie Britton LIVE in studio!!  Danielle Fishel  LIVE in studio!!  My Jennifer Lopez interview from Fashion Rocks.

2014-09-09   We talk about the Ray Rice case and domestic violence with Tanya Williams.  Then we talk to Deborah Shearer from the Organizing Store about fashionable storage!

2014-09-08   Mom jailed for giving daughter abortion pill.  Is it right or wrong?!  And Jenny talks to Jill Martin to kick off Fashion Week.


2014-09-05   Cyberbullying talk with Andrew Shayde and Bluewater Productions.  Plus remembering Joan Rivers.

2014-09-04   Should teachers be held accountable for things that they do OFF the job?  Kelly Rutherford talks about her film ‘The Stream’.   Lost Show?

2014-09-03   Weight Wednesday!  Dr. Ira Breite talks about which diet really works.  Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar talks about his book ‘The Hot Belly Diet’.

2014-09-02   Back To School!  iPhone Hack nude pics… Are you worried?  How involved in your kid’s schooling are you?!

2014-09-01   Jenny is off for Labor Day!


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