Just Jenny – August 2014


August 2014 – 19 shows (431mb)   Download link


2014-08-29   Jenny had the day off.

2014-08-28   We talk abou the Brangelina wedding.  Francis Scarcella talks about the Barbour Murder.  Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer talk about Franklin & Bash and Saved By The Bell.

2014-08-27   Weight Wednesday!  Erin McKelle talk about her HuffPo article on fat girls in revealing clothes.  Autumn Calabrese talks about the 21 Day Fix!

2014-08-26   Mike Grunwald talks about parenting fails. What are yours?!  Susan Lucci talks with me about Deadly Affairs!

2014-08-25   We talk about the MTV Video Music Awards.  Is President Obama’s response to the Mike Brown funeral & the James Foley video ok?! & Do you like being Catcalled?  Call and tell me now… want to hear your stories!


2014-08-22   What to do about MEAN GIRLS!!!! CALL IN!  And Mira Sorvino stops by to talk about Intruders on BBC America!

2014-08-21   A Ferguson update with Legal Analyst Tanya Williams.  Then Jasmine Snow talks Back To School fashions.

2014-08-20   Who do you blame for your weight problem?  Are size 16 mannequins ok?!  Jen Schwartz talks about T.G. Diet Counseling.

2014-08-19   What’s the solution in Ferguson, Missouri?  Aaron Carroll talks back to school sex.  Don’t put that in there!

2014-08-18   We’re still talking about Ferguson… your thoughts?  It’s Back to School time.  We talk about kids & internet privacy!  We also talk to the cast of A&E’s Cement Heads.


2014-08-15   Jenny is off today!

2014-08-14   Comedian Jason Nash live in studio to talk about ‘Jason Nash is Married’!  Is it 1964 in Ferguson, Missouri?  Also, Ty;er Florence live in studio.

2014-08-13   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Talking diets, weight, options!  Dr. Raphael Kellman talks about The Microbiome Diet.

2014-08-12   Robin Williams RIP.  I recap the Entertainment Tonight red carpet for ‘The Giver’.  Christopher Knight live in studio!  Heather Dubrow live in studio!

2014-08-11   We talk about Michael Brown.  Should police cars have dash cams?  Are you sensitive to others on social media? Crazy people!  Have you accidentally taken the bait and gotten in a fight with a crazy person?


2014-08-08   Is balance harder for men or women?  We talk about ‘Manopause’ with Doctor Steve from SiriusXM’s Weird Medicine.

2014-08-07   When is it ok to break plans?  Is kissing your kids on the mouth ok?  Manopause?!

2014-08-06   Weight Wednesday!  Is it ok to fat shame guys?  Plus Katie Holmes talks about her new movie ‘The Giver’ LIVE in studio!!!

2014-08-05   We talk about Eric Garner’s death.  Do you kiss your kids on the lips?  Brooke Burns live in studio!

2014-08-04   Do you post bad reviews?  Do you text your doctor?  Do you kiss your kids on the lips?  Brad Bessey from The Insider, and Jaime Primak Sullivan live!


2014-08-01   Orlando Bloom vs Justin Bieber.  Is the Penis Doll a problem?!  Is it ok to have a doll with a penis??  Childhood toys, and texting doctors.


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