Just Jenny – July 2014


July 2014 – 16 shows (362mb)   Download link


2014-07-31   Are you anti being a feminist?!  Famke Janssen will be live in studio!  What do successful people do?

2014-07-30   Weight Wednesday!  Whats your binge food, the food you can’t control yourself around?  Overweight kids… What to do?  Dr. Mark Hyman talks detoxing!

2014-07-29   Is it ever ok for a man to hit a woman?!  And Mark Feuerstein talks about Royal Pains on USA.

2014-07-28   The New York Times endorses national pot legalization.  What do YOU think?  What aren’t we buying anymore?


2014-07-25   Gossip guru Dylan Howard live talking celeb rumors.  Do you care about the 50 Shades Of Grey Movie?  What to make for dinner.

2014-07-24   The 50 Shades Of Grey trailer is out.  Are you excited?!  Is spanking kids ok?

2014-07-23   Weight Wednesday!  My Nguyen from My Healthy Dish on the phone.  Jaime Primak Sullivan from Bravo’s Jersey Belle.

2014-07-22   Matt Duss talks Israel/Gaza conflict.  Excuses to avoid sex list.  What’s your excuse to get out of sex?  What excuse has been used on you?!

2014-07-21   How are you managing feelings about all the violence and tragedy in the world?!  Do you share secret information you heard from your kid about your friend’s kids, or no?  How do you decide what to tell?


2014-07-18   If an inappropriate joke makes you laugh does that make it ok?  We talk about the Jason Bugg and Bill Maher troubles.  Listen to LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian talk about ‘LeAnn And Eddie’ on my show today.

2014-07-17   What’s your favorite music?  Leah Remini talks about ‘It’s All Relative’.

2014-07-16   It’s Weight Wednesday! Are you dieting?!  Andie McDowell talks about Cedar Cove, the Hallmark Channel, and how she stays fit.

2014-07-15   Jenny is off today.

2014-07-14   Jenny is off today.


2014-07-11   Jenny is off today.

2014-07-10   Do you like to travel alone?! Changes at The View keep happening… Yay!  ‘Naughty But Nice’ Rob Shuter live in studio.

2014-07-09   Listen to me talk to Author/model/actress Courtnry Robertson about her book.  Then dietitian Brooke Alpert.

2014-07-08   Cooking fails.  Makeup artist Melissa Murphy!  Fun, and your calls.

2014-07-07   Back from vacation!!  Lots to talk about, including the Anthony Cumia situation. Tune in and call.  Happy to be live.


2014-07-04   Jenny’s off all week!

2014-07-03   Jenny’s off all week!

2014-07-02   Jenny’s off all week!

2014-07-01   Jenny’s off all week!


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