Just Jenny – June 2014


June 2014 – 18 shows (409mb)   Download link


2014-06-30   Jenny’s off today!

2014-06-27   What’s up with Shia LaBeouf?!  There’s a shakeup at The View.  Who should be the new hosts?  Sex talk with kids… What  to say?

2014-06-26   What do your CRAZY dreams mean?  Ryan Holiday talks about his book ‘The Obstacle Is The Way’.  I need a private consult!

2014-06-25   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Talking about new medicines.  Smoking for weight loss?!?!  Jennifer Esposito LIVE in studio!

2014-06-24   Celebrity run-ins!  A Tanya teeth update.  Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling LIVE talking about ‘Mystery Girls’.

2014-06-23   Nanny envy?  Or do you believe parents who use nannies are bad parents?!  How’s your grammar?!


2014-06-20   Is cursing still a big deal?  Do you trust TV doctors?  Les & Ashley Gold from Hardcore Pawn.

2014-06-19   End of the year crazies!  Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs in studio to talk about ‘I Like You Just The Way I Am’.

2014-06-18   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Are you dieting?!  Doctor Steve from the Weird Medicine podcast talks about the Dr. Oz controversy.  Kerry Nolan talks about weight & friends.

2014-06-17   Embarrassing falls, impromptu parties, cursing. and Jerry Ferrara LIVE in studio.

2014-06-16   How much freedom do you give your teenage kids in the summer?  Taye Diggs talks about ‘Murder In The First’.


2014-06-13   Pizza!  Pete Dominick drops by.  Dads for Daughters.  Dr. Carl Hart talks about his book, HighPrice.

2014-06-12   Two days off in a week!

2014-06-11   It’s Weight Wednesday!  What diet would you pick?  Do you have to eat breakfast?  What NOT to say to dieters!  What diet are you following?!

2014-06-10   Bed, Bath & Beyond customer service fail.  Would you use Foria pot lube?!  Dog the Bounty Hunter & Beth Chapman talk about the new season on CMT.

2014-06-09   A day off for Jenny!


2014-06-06   Plastic surgery wishes.  Is it our duty to have kids?  Emily Giffin talks about her book, The One And Only!

2014-06-05   Is the internet, or video games, to blame for murderous kids?  Is Justin Bieber a racist?  Do you like sad movies?

2014-06-04   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Talking strategies to lose weight.  We talk to Lauren Gordon who will be on The Daily Meal.

2014-06-03   What do you think of the Bowe Bergdahl soldier swap?  The Fault in Our Stars… Did you read it?  Will you see the movie?

2014-06-02   Chris & Heidi Powell live in studio talking about ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss!!!



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