Just Jenny – May 2014


May 2014 – 21 shows (456mb)   Download link


2014-05-30   Should it be easier to PREVENT someone’s getting a gun?  Evy Poumpouras talks about her life in the Secret Service!

2014-05-29   #Free The Nipple!  Is it too easy to get guns?  Bill Lawrence & Ron Funches call in to talk about NBC’s Undateable premiering tonight!

2014-05-28   The magnificent Maya Angelou has died.  We remember her at the top of show.  And The Whole30’s Melissa Hartwig in studio.

2014-05-27   Talking about the UCSB killer and #YesAllWomen.  Important conversation to have!

2014-05-26   Jenny’s off for Memorial Day!

   We’re talking about the Dr. Laura show.  Mark Cuban comments on the Donald Sterling thing.  It’s Day two of healthy eating two week challenge and more!

2014-05-22   What do you think about paid menstrual leave?!  Can an open marriage work?  Would you ever tell a parent they’re messing up?  Have you ever wanted to give unsolicited advice to a mom and then held your tongue?

2014-05-21   It’s Weight Wednesday!  You did not eat that!!  Plus Eliza Zied talks about her book, Younger Next Week.

2014-05-20   Headlines & updates.  Then I talk to Debbie Robins about foster success.

2014-05-19   Lea Michele LIVE in studio!  Then talking Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA).  Sexism in the workplace.  And the Louie ‘Fat Girl’ episode.


2014-05-16   Are Skype doctors a good thing?  Melissa Moore and her book, Shattered Silence: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer’s Daughter.

2014-05-15   How do you handle pushy emails?  Glynnis MacNicol and Rachel Sklar from The List in studio.

2014-05-14   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Fad diets.  Are you an Orthorexic?  Dr. Alwin Lewis talks about the Five Bite Diet.  Diets Are Fun!

2014-05-13   What’s up with what Jay-Z said to Solange?  Is anything private anymore?  Are you anxious?!  Are you a tech mom/lady?!

2014-05-12   Live in studio with Adam Carolla talking about ‘President Me’.  Monica Lewinsky discussion…


2014-05-09   What to do about pushy people?  Are digital doctors ok? Yay!  Gabby Bernstein is live to talk about ‘Miracles Now’!

2014-05-08   We talk about the Emily Letts’ abortion video.  Monica Lewinsky 10 years later… thoughts?

2014-05-07   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein talk about ‘Breast Milk: The Movie’.  Then hopefully Opie, Anthony & Jim Norton. 

2014-05-06   Mother’s day gifts.  Then Dr. Lauren Streicher talks about ‘Love Sex Again’.

2014-05-05   Are you ready for Mother’s Day?  What are you doing to live past 90?!  Cinco de Mayo and more!


2014-05-02   Video ideas.  Is fantasizing about real people cheating?  Annabel Gurwitch talks about ‘I See You Made An Effort’. 

2014-05-01   Jenny tells us about her car trouble stories… UGH!  I’m not proud!  David Lascher talks about his movie ‘Sister’.


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