Just Jenny – April 2014


April 2014 – 20 shows (433mb)   Download link


2014-04-30   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Does calling girls fat makes them obese?  We talk about dieting fails.  Dr. Joel Fuhrman talks about ‘End of Dieting’.

2014-04-29   It’s a Donald Sterling update.  Do you agree with Alicia Silverstone’s parenting tips?!  There’s going to be a Grease remake!  I need help with my family dinners.

2014-04-28   It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.  We talk about the Don Sterling remarks.  Some George Clooney talk.  Celeb chef Dominique Ansel is here for a Pastry Party!

2014-04-25   It’s Fat Friday!  Kidding…  Listener email.  Stalking kids and social media.  AND I talk to Debbie Allen!

2014-04-24   Talking about Joan Rivers.  More pushy people.  Then Glynnis MacNicol and Rachel Sklar come by to talk about The Li.st!!!

2014-04-23   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Is being FAT a pre-existing medical condition?  Debbie Matenopoulos talks about life & ‘It’s All Greek To Me’.

2014-04-22   What do you do about pushy people? Is powdered alcohol even kinda ok?  Melissa Errico talks about her new show!

2014-04-21   At what age do you give kids freedom?!  Is teaching girls to play ‘hard to get’ anti feminism?!  And more!  What do YOU think?


2014-04-18   Jenny was off today.

2014-04-17   Jenny was off today.

2014-04-16   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Have you been fat shamed by a doctor?  Doctor Mark Hyman live, talks about the 10 Day Detox.

2014-04-15   Jenny was off today.

2014-04-14   What is your favorite app?  I love Jelly!  Antisemitism still alive, KansasJCC shooting!  Passover traditions.  How do you celebrate Passover and Easter?!


2014-04-11   Friday Sound Off!!  More parenting fails.  What regrets do you have?  Duggar Family redux.

2014-04-10   Stabbing in Pennsylvania!  We talk parenting fails and life regrets.  Comedian Gary Gulman stops by!  He’s funny.

2014-04-09   Weight Wednesday!  Too fat to fly?  Is Jillian Michaels leaving The Bigest Loser?  Talking to Nell Sthepenson about Paleoista.

2014-04-08   Jenny talks about the sick baby at sea.  Selfies with the president?  How about that human Barbie?  Who should replace Letterman?

2014-04-07   Talking with Agahozo-Shalom about the Rwandan genocide 20 years later. Then Jenny talks to David Steinberg about Inside Comedy & so much more!


2014-04-04   Do you use self tanners?!  More talk about the Duggars.  David Letterman’s retirement announcement.  James Franco may be in trouble.

2014-04-03   What to do about mental health.  Talking about the Duggars!  And I talk to ABC’s Dan Harris.

2014-04-02   WEIGHT WEDNESDAY!  Joan Rivers thinks that Lena Dunham is being irresponsible with her body.  Good or shameful?  Exercise physiologist Tom Holland talks fit dads!

2014-04-01   Are we too PC?!  April fools.. Bah humbug!  Gossip and more


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