Just Jenny – March 2014


March 2014 – 21 shows (477mb)   Download link


2014-03-31   Are cell phones at the table ever ok? CALL and tell me your opinion!  Should college athletes be paid?!


2014-03-28   Why the Gwyneth Paltrow hate?!  Should college athletes be paid?  CALL or tweet to me!

2014-03-27   How do you cope with being a mom, and with pot?!  Drinking while breast feeding?!  And more!  Gossip.

2014-03-26   It’s Weight Wednesday!  It’s Day Two of my Fresh Diet!  Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien will be here to talk about the Hungry Girl Diet!  Gossip!

2014-03-25   The Good Wife.. HUH?  Malaysian Flight #370.  We talk about the ‘Confessions Of A Pothead Mom’ article on HuffPost.  Is this ok?  Gossip!

2014-03-24   Banning dad’s from delivery room.  Is it legal?  Is it ok?  I talk to Jennie Garth.  Gossip.


2014-03-21   Your response to my boot tweet.  Do you want to know if you’ll be sick?  Gossip. Friday Fun!

2014-03-20   Listener advice.  Should leggings be banned?  Gossip.  Also I’m on Wendy Williams today!

2014-03-19   Weight Wednesday!  Talking to Giuliana & Bill Rancic about Ideal Protein.  Lucy Danzinger stops by and we talk about SELF Magazine!

2014-03-18   Would you want to know if you were going to have a disease?  We talk with Dr. Jennifer Wider.  Talk with Dr. Logan Levkoff about ‘Got Teens?’.

2014-03-17   LA Earthquake!  LA people call in!  Where’s Malaysian Flight #370.  Would you want to know your fate?  Gossip.


2014-03-14   What happened to Malaysian Flight #370?  Would you want to know if you were going to have Alzheimer’s?

2014-03-13   Should ‘bossy’ be banned?  Tweet, or better yet, call.  Carol J. Roth talks about starting a business.

2014-03-12   Weight Wednesday!  Is the word ‘Fat’ ok?  Talking about the ‘No Body Shame Campaign’ with Whitney Way.  We talk with Vinnie Tortorich about ‘Fitness Confidential’.

2014-03-11   We talk with Dr. Sanjay Gupta about ‘Weed To Cannabis Madness’.  Busy Philipps from Cougar Town!  Gossip & more!

2014-03-10   We talk about the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.  Ugh!  Sunny Hostin talks about ‘Making The Case’.  Gossip.

2014-03-07   Coming up NOW I talk to Jason Momoa!

2014-03-06   Rachel Canning… Is she abused or a brat?  Is Oscar Pistorius guilty?  Gossip, and more!

2014-03-05   Weight Wednesday!  What matters?  Can you be fat and happy?  Dee McCaffrey talks about ‘The Science of Skinny’.

2014-03-04   What’s your take on today’s news?  TV genius Bill Lawrence talks about the Undateable show & tour.  Gossip!

2014-03-03   I’m talking bad customer service!  Call with your poor customer service stories… now.


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