Just Jenny – February 2014


February 2014 – 19 shows (435mb)   Download link


2014-02-28   Lean-in vs recline… WOMEN do you measure up?!  Dr. Jenn Berman comes by!  Gossip!

2014-02-27   Teen troubles.  Minnie Driver talk ‘About A Boy’, and more!

2014-02-26   Weight Wed! What matters?  The thigh gap diet.  Tony Danza talks health.  Gossip!

2014-02-25   Should a Doctor ever lie?  We talk to Jon Leiberman about ‘Whitey On Trial’.  Gossip.  Your calls

2014-02-24   Insomnia.  Say hello!  Is it ever ok for doctors to lie to patients?  Actor Scott Wolf.  Gossip!


2014-02-21   Coldsore update.  Does equality in marriage equal less sex?!  Gossip.

2014-02-20   Cold Sore Remedies.  Teen Serial Killer.  Does an equal marriage = less sex?

2014-02-19   Weight Wednesday!  JJ Virgin talks about the Virgin Diet Cookbook.  Actor Donald Faison stops by.  Think he’ll talk dieting

2014-02-18   What do you think about the Bode Miller interview?  The Michael Dunn trial verdict.  Gossip.

2014-02-17   Jenny has taken Presidents’ Day off!


2014-02-14   Valentines Day!  Last minute gift ideas from EKLEXIC!  I talk to Iris Krasnow about Hot Grannies and sex.  Gossip!

2014-02-13   The snow!  Michael Dunn trial verdict watch . I talk to Wendy Williams!  Gossip.

2014-02-12   Weight Wednesday!  Cookbook author Danielle Walker.  Justin Klosky talks OCD with Jenny.  Plus Gossip!

2014-02-11   Westminster Dog Show recap.  The Michael Dunn trial, and more!  Gossip.

2014-02-10   Talking your opinions on current events… Gay athlete, Woody Allen, Heroin, Winter Olympics.  Gossip!


2014-02-07   It’s Jenny’s birthday!  Jenny pitches her blog about panic attacks.

2014-02-06   CVS quits selling tobacco.  Yay?!  Is Woddy Allen guilty?  Frank Spinelli talks about Pee Sky.

2014-02-05   Weight Wednesday!  Did the Biggest Loser winner go to far?  Jonathon Bailor talks about The Calorie Myth.

2014-02-04   Is/was Woody Allen a predator?  What do you think of the Coke ad?  Gossip and more!

2014-02-03   Jenny was at Howard Stern’s party over the weekend.  Funerals & mother-in-laws.  How’s your mother-in-law?  Jenny’s Superbowl recap.


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