Just Jenny – January 2014


January 2014 – 19 shows (451mb)   Download link


2014-01-31   How do you deal with delusional friends?  Should I say yes to speaking event?  Gossip!

2014-01-30   What have you said to your kid that you now regret?!

2014-01-29   Weight Wednesday! How’s YOUR diet?  Jenny talks to Ana Gasteyer.  GOSSIP.

2014-01-28   Is cancer tweeting ok?  What kind of mom are you?!  GOSSIP!

2014-01-27   Jenny’s feeling sad again during this time of year.  My show starts NOW.  Call to talk about ALL of it.  NOW.
2014-01-24   Thank God it’s Friday!  Jenny talks about the new Sarah Silverman PSA.  Gossip.

2014-01-23   Jenny talks about honest moms.  Your skin questions with Dr. Debra Wattenberg.  Gossip.

2014-01-22   It is Weight Wednesday!! Dr. Frank Lipman will be here talking health, wellness and his AWESOME cleans! And then Dave Asprey talks Bullet Proof Coffee

2014-01-21   Jenny loves the snow storm!  Suicide at UPenn… UGH!!  Talking sex to teens.  Gossip & your calls.

2014-01-20   Jenny’s show is LIVE this morning.  Listen and call in!  Jenny wants to talk to Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman.
2014-01-17   Weekly roundup of current events.  Gossip.  Your calls!

2014-01-16   Jenny is off today to appear on the Wendy Williams Show

2014-01-15   Weight Wednesday!  Jenny talks about the FaceBook weight loss picture.  Dr. Lou Aronne on the show.

2014-01-14   Do you love Woody Allen or hate him?  Is there ever TMI online?  GOSSIP.  Your calls!

2014-01-13   Dr. Jenn Berman and Couples Therapy.  David Thomas & Evan Forster from Job Talk.
2014-01-10   Chris Christie and BridgeGate.  Pot legalization.  What kind of mom are you?  Gossip!  Also included is Jenny’s appearance on the Pete Dominick show from Friday.

2014-01-09   Jenny talks about mean girls.  Should pregnant woman on life support have to sustain pregnancy?

2014-01-08   Weight Wednesday!  Diet report.  Angela Haupt talks about her article in US News & World Report. Gossip & Your Calls.

2014-01-07   The marijuana debate… Shoud pot be legal?! Jenny’s cookie story.  Actress Gillian Jacobs in studio. GOSSIP!

2014-01-06   Happy New Year!  Jenny’s vacation recap.  New Year’s resolutions, gossip. YOUR calls!


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