Just Jenny – September 2013 show descriptions


2013-09-30   Text


2013-09-27   Text

2013-09-26   Text

2013-09-25   Text

2013-09-24   Text

2013-09-23   Text


2013-09-20   No Show Today

2013-09-19   Text

2013-09-18   Text

2013-09-17   Text

2013-09-16   Text


2013-09-13   Text

2013-09-12   Jenny describes a mom moment from yesterday.  Tamron Hall is on the phone to discuss Deadline Crime on ID. Jenny wants her Herman Munster boots. eBay has Jenny confounded.

2013-09-11   What are your 911 memories?  Weight Wednesday talk.  How much does your weight matter?  Then Jenny talks with fitness trainer Mark Fisher.

2013-09-10   Jenny talks with NYC defense attorney Joey Jackson.  And then former Bush administration advisor Fran Townsend.  Syria!

2013-09-09   What matters!  Momma drama in a school parking lot.  What do you think about Syria?


2013-09-06   Jenny talks with Pat Kiernan from New York 1 about his anchor job.  Then Jenny talks about the woman that wrote an open letter to girls about what they post online.  Slut shaming?

2013-09-05   Jenny wants to talk about the Hannah Anderson case.  Is she accountable in any way?  What do you think about the Oklahoma murder of the Australian man?

2013-09-04   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Have you ever gotten ‘fat letters’ from school?!  Author Allison Bottke talks with Jenny about gastric bypass surgery.

2013-09-03   Jenny’s son is starting high school, and she’s not sure how she feels about it.  But the callers have her back.  How do you deal with the start of the school year?

2013-09-02   Labor Day


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