Just Jenny – August 2013 show descriptions


2013-08-30   Jenny asked her good friend Dr. Drew about sleeping pill usage.  Do you or your family have allergies?  Would you tattoo them to help save their lives?  Jenny talk to actress Ali Larter.

2013-08-29   Is Jenny sporting a neck brace these days?  There’s a new study on sleeping pills.  Do you take sleeping pills?

2013-08-28   It’s ‘Weight Wednesday.’  What do you think about the Fast Diet?  How much weight loss pressure do you put on yourself?  Jenny talks to John Durant, author of The Paleo Manifesto.

2013-08-27   More Miley Cyrus/VMAs talk.  Everybody is still in a tizzie over the dirty Miley dance.

2013-08-26   Jenny is getting her hypochondriac on this morning.  Miley Cyrus’ Ass!!!  Jenny’s talks with listeners about the MTV Video Music Awards.


2013-08-23   Jenny is in a state of general irritation this morning.  Jenny gets to interview One Direction tomorrow, and bring her daughter too!  Then a general discussion, including talk about Bradley Manning and gender issues.

2013-08-22   Jenny wants to talk about the Hannah Anderson rescue.  Is it fair that people are blaming her for the deaths?  Chris Colfer from Glee in studio pitching his new book The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns.  Then Jenny talks to Lake Bell about her new movie, ‘In A World’.

2013-08-21   It’s ‘Weight Wednesday’, and if you don’t feel fat then Jenny doesn’t want to hear it!  How do you feel about going to the doctor?  Love it?  Hate it?  How often do you go?  Jenny talks to Marra & Lori from Ritual Wellness about their juicing products.

2013-08-20   What do you think about uniforms in school?  Are there too many antibiotics?  Then Jenny talks to Max Foster, CNN Anchor and Royal Correspondent.

2013-08-19   Jenny wants to talk about Oprah Winfrey’s ‘The Butler’.  Have you seen it?  Did you take your kids?


2013-08-16   Coffee chat with JJ!   How do you take your coffee?  New study say if you’re under 55 and a coffee drinker, that could be trouble.  Which sleep study do you believe?

2013-08-15   Jenny’s NYC pee problems.   Jenny talks about the Hannah Anderson story.  How do you teach your kids about good boundries?  Jenny talks to actress Sara Gilbert about environmental issues.

2013-08-14   It’s ‘Weight Wednesday’ and ,as always, Jenny is at war with her body.  What’s your balance of diet and excercise?  Jenny talks to Greg McBride about his book ‘Just Stop Eating So Much’

2013-08-13   Jenny talks about ‘Opt Out Mothers’ that choose to leave their jobs to be with their children.  Stop and Frisk in NYC gets overturned.  Weird kid’s names.

2013-08-12   Jenny has her kids back and is loving it!  Jenny is now thinking Back to School & Bat Mitzvah shopping.  Do you let your kids choose their own clothes?  How does shopping with teenagers work for you?  What are your feelings on Marijuana?  How do you talk to your kids about it?


2013-08-09   Today, Jenny takes the day off on a nice summer Friday. 🙂

2013-08-08   Jenny talks about the story she told on Dr. Drew last night.  Should adults want to be with minors of the opposite sex, or is it always weird?   Jenny talks to Natasha Lyonne from Orange Is The New Black.

2013-08-07   Weight Wednesday Jenny is in the house!  She is really at her house.  How do you talk about weight issues with your kids and family?  Is it a taboo subject?  Do you tell relatives about their bad eating habits?  Then Jenny talks to her pal Julie Dermer about Soul Cycle.

2013-08-06   Jenny was a bit scattered on Dr. Drew last night.  When you see a bad situation happening in public, when do you intervene?

2013-08-05   Jenny plays the audio from her & Oprah at ‘The Butler’ premiere.  What is the hardest part of your relationship?  Jenny talks with listeners about it.  Jenny talks to Deepak Chopra


2013-08-02   Jenny talks with listeners about Philadelphia Eagles receiver Riley Copley’s racist rant.  Jenny talks with Naama Bloom from helloflo.com.  On the Summer Shape Up David & Jenny talk with Jimmy Fallon.

2013-08-01   Jenny walked the red carpet last night!  Then John Walsh is in studio to talk to Jenny about 5Star Urgent Call.  Then psychotherapist, and One Week to Save Your Marriage & Without Prejudice? host Robi Ludwig calls in.  On the Summer Shape Up David Kirsch & Jenny talk about maintaining your perfect weight.


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