Just Jenny – July 2013 show descriptions


2013-07-31   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Jenny wants to know what your exercise is.  Do you hula hoop?  Then she talks to her pal JJ Virgin about the Virgin Diet.  On the Summer Shape Up David & Jenny talk about the five stress workout exercises that David recommends.  Today’s call-in guest is Liv Tyler.

2013-07-30   Jenny was on the OMG! Insider last night and plays some of that.  Jenny likes Pope Francis because he seems kind of progressive.  Jenny talks about Huma Abedin.  On the Summer Shape Up David & Jenny talk about the scale.  And restaurateur Danny Mayer calls in.

2013-07-29   Jenny interviewed the stars of ‘We’re The Millers’ over the weekend.  How do you manage stress?  How much effect does stress have on heart health?  Also included is Celebrity Trainer David Kirsch’s new show Summer Shape Up co-hosted by Jenny.  Today’s guest is Kate Upton.


2013-07-26   Jenny will be interviewing Jennifer Aniston & Jason Sudekis tomorrow!  When do you interfere in your friend’s relationships?

2013-07-25   Jenny is juicing again, and feels pretty good about it.   Lot’s of talk about Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma.

2013-07-24   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Jenny’s weight spiked yesterday, and she tried not to flip out.  Jenny talks a bit of Weiner.  What, if anything, do you eat for breakfast?  Jenny talks with Karen Gilbert about the HD Diet.

2013-07-23   Jenny puts on her British accent for the arrival of the Royal Baby.  Jenny talks to Brit Rob Gladstone about it.  How do you feel about amusement park rides in the wake of the Texas roller coaster death?

2013-07-22   Jenny is taking the day off, and hopefully having a great time on a #GirlsTrip!


2013-07-19   Jenny gets Twitter reprimanded for talking about makeup, and not abortion rights.  What do you think about the Texas abortion laws?  Then Jenny talks to fitness expert David Kirsch.

2013-07-18   Jenny is on the Sharknado bandwagon for the replay tonight on SyFy.  What do you think of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of the Rolling Stone?  Flirting and Communications Expert, Rachel DeAlto is on the show.

2013-07-17   Jenny is in studio today to interview Mama June from ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’.  Then Weight Wednesday gets on track when Jenny talks to vegan dietitian Ginny Kisch Messina

2013-07-16   How do you discuss the Zimmerman trial verdict with your children?  Jenny talks to actor Donald Faison.

2013-07-15   The Zimmerman trial verdict dropped over the weekend.  Jenny talks to Michael Skolnik, Political Director to Russell Simmons about the verdict.  Then Jenny talks to Comedian/Columnist Mandy Stadtmiller about her new podcast ‘News Whore’.  Then a short clip of Jenny on the Opie & Anthony show with Robert Zimmerman, Jr.


2013-07-12   It’s a Friday Sound-off Show on Just Jenny.  Sarahbeth & Jenny put manicures on blast!  Jenny talks about the On Call with Dr. Drew feedback.  Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner talks with Jenny.

2013-07-11   Jenny is feeling generally agitated today. She is not getting enough credit for the Twinkie revival!  Does Jenny play in the Midwest?  Leah Remini is leaving Scientology.  How’s your faith?

2013-07-10   It’s Weight Wednesday, and Jenny’s been thinking about the Fast Diet from last week.  Jenny wants to read her daughter’s text messages.  Jenny then talks to SmashFit! creator Heather Frey.

2013-07-09   Jenny’s co-hosting Dr. Drew all week, and the schedule is getting to her.  Lots of George Zimmerman trial talk today.  Jenny asks the listeners what they think.

2013-07-08   Jenny’s back from Montauk!  Jenny’s mother has been dead five years.  She talks with listeners about loss of loved ones, and how you deal with it.  Elizabeth Benedict talks with Jenny about her book ‘What My Mother Gave Me’.


2013-07-01 to 2013-07-05   Jenny is on vacation!


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