Just Jenny – June 2013 show descriptions


2013-06-28   Jenny tells why she took yesterday off.  It doesn’t sound good.  Eric Segall talks with Jenny about the Defense of Marriage Act.  Jim Carroll & Elizabeth Carroll from Marriage Boot Camp talk about Bridezillas.

2013-06-27   Jenny had today off.

2013-06-26   It’s Weight Wednesday, and Jenny is feeling nuts about her’s as usual.  Are there certain ‘times of the month’ that your weight gives you issues?  Dr.Michael Mosley talks with Jenny about ‘The Fast Diet Book’.

2013-06-25  Is Jenny getting work done?  Everybody’s talking!  Jenny talks with director Paul Feig about his new movie ‘The Heat’.  Are you better off than your parents were?  Then a chat with author Josh Kaufman about his book ‘The First 20 hours’.

2013-06-24   Jenny is kid-less for a few days, and she is not enjoying it.  Jenny talks with listeners about the  Paula Deen situation.  Talking toys with Laurie Schacht.


2013-06-21   Jenny was on the Joy Behar Show & Dr. Drew Show at the same time last night.  She loves Bonnie McFarland.  Actress Linda Cardellini stops by for a chat.

2013-06-20   James Gandolfini died yesterday.  Jenny’s cardiologist Hooman Yaghoobzadeh is on the phone.

2013-06-19   It’s ‘Weight Wednesday’ and Jenny is about to start another cleanse.  Jorge Cruise talks with Jenny about his diet book ‘The 100’.

2013-06-18   How do you deal with your teenagers.  Jenny admits her faults in dealing with her kids, and takes some calls.  Blooger/author Jen Hatmaker, the ‘Worst End of School Mom Ever’, talks with Jenny.

2013-06-17   Jenny sent her son overseas over the weekend.  Guess what Jenny’s mystery tweet meant!  Are you obsessed with true crime stories like Jenny is?  Jenny talks to attorney Anne Peyton Bryant about the Nicholas Brooks trial.


2013-06-14   It’s the Just Jenny Father’s Day Spectacular!  What did you get your father for Father’s Day?

2013-06-13   It’s Jenny’s wedding anniversary today!  She talks with listeners about what it takes to make a long term marriage.  Jenny talks to Deadspin/Gawker/GQ columnist Drew Magary about his book ‘Someone Could Get Hurt’.

2013-06-12   Weight Wednesday Gluten-O-Rama!!!  Do you cut back on gluten even if you don’t suffer from Celiac Disease?  What’s your gluten plan?  Are you OK with insurance companies charging you more for being out of shape?  Or less for being in great shape?  Katherine Brooking talks to Jenny about her book, ‘The Real Skinny: 101 Fat Habit & Slim Solutions’.

2013-06-11   Jenny got to meet Russell Brand at CNN last night.  In typical Jenny Hutt fashion, she embarrassed herself.  Discussion about Plan B availability, and the HPV vaccine.  Entertainment Weekly & EW Radio’s Sara Vilkomerson chats with Jenny.

2013-06-10   Jenny is very sad about the death of her friend Annabel Tollman.  How upset are you about the government listening to your communications?  Matthew Morrison from Glee talk to Jenny.


2013-06-07   Actress Vanessa Marcil, and comedian/breast cancer survivor Suzanne Whang talk to Jenny.  Then Dr. Jenn Berman of VH1’s ‘Couples Therapy’ calls in.

2013-06-06    What do you think about age differences in dating, and relationship contracts?  Author Lisa Bloom talks with Jenny about her recent book.

2013-06-05   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Jenny tried Crossfit yesterday, and she’s paying for it today.  How do you deal with a scary mom encounter?  Whats your exercise of choice?  Joy Bauer talks with Jenny.

2013-06-04   Jenny wants to take up Crossfit.  Is anybody buying in to the new Jockey bra sizes?  Jenny has a bone to pick with the Bravo series ‘Princesses of Long Island’.  The 101 Best Written TV Shows of All Time.  Jenny talks with photographer Jenny Risher.

2013-06-03   Jenny had a family weekend.  She’s starting to forget what her kids were like when they were babies.  Jenny talks to actress Elisabeth Moss.  Tim Stack & Tanner Stransky from EW Radio call in.


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