Just Jenny – May 2013 show descriptions


2013-05-31   Jockey wants to change the way bra sizes are done.  A bra discussion ensues.  When your children do well and win awards, do you go to the events?  How do you act there?  Jenny is not a fan.

2013-05-30   Jenny has been fantasizing about getting plastic surgery done.  Holly does a bad job of talking her out of it.  Who is the breadwinner in your house?  Is it emasculating for a man to make less money?

2013-05-29   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Do you engage in ‘Fat Talk’?  Do you discuss weight issues with your friends?   Jenny talks to Sara Humphreys, who wrote “A Message to Abercrombie’s CEO from a Former Fat Girl”.

2013-05-28   Jenny is at the SiriusXM studios this morning.  She was peeing with the Tan Mom and got a photo.  What do you do for Date Night?  Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition is in studio with Jenny.

2013-05-27   Memorial Day


2013-05-24   Jenny talks about the Jody Arias trial, and wonders if everybody is as personally invested as she is.  Bad restaurant service revisited.  Jenny takes some calls on that subject.   Actress Greta Gerwig talks with Jenny about her new movie ‘Frances Ha’.

2013-05-23   Jenny has been feeling a bit down due to the upcoming anniversary of her mother’s death.  Jenny talks with super snarky SiriusXM host Seth Rudetsky & his husband James Wesley about their upcoming production ‘Unbroken Circle: The Play’.  Then singer/actress Jewel Kilcher chats with Jenny about her latest role as June Carter Cash in Lifetime movie ‘Ring Of Fire’.

2013-05-22   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Workout and weight loss authority David Sandler talks with Jenny, and they take some calls.  Jenny talks to Zach Braff about mutual acquaintances, his career, and his Kickstarter movie.

2013-05-21   Of course, the big news is the Oklahoma tornadoes.  Jenny asks how parents deal with a big tragedy and their children.  Career philanthropist, Michael J. Balaoing.   Interview with Jenna Ushkowitz from Glee.

2013-05-20   Jenny’s Saturday night restaurant follies.  Jenny’s HLN buddy Mark Eiglarsh surprises her with a phone call.  ‘Dirty Little Secret’ director Jace Alexander calls in to talk about his upcoming Lifetime network Jodi Arias movie.  Tonight Show staple Ross Mathews talks with Jenny about his new book ‘Man Up!’


2013-05-17   Jenny talks about the Twitter avalanche of hate she’s gotten from being on Dr. Drew.  Jenny defends her BRCA joke tweet.  Relationship expert Dr. Wendy Walsh talks with Jenny.  Also included is Jenny’s appearance on Thursday’s Ron & Fez Show.

2013-05-16   Jenny was on Dr. Drew’s show last night.  And she said something that caused a Twitter avalanche.  Jenny talks about the death penalty with her listeners.  Kat Von D is on to talk about her 2nd book, ‘Go Big Or Go Home’.

2013-05-15   Jenny was on Joy Behar’s show last night, and she said something to comedian Jessica Kirson that she now regrets.  Carissa Ann from Love Grace Foods in on to talk about juice cleanses.

2013-05-14   The big news today is Angelina Jolie’s preventative double mastectomy.  Dr. Jennifer Wider calls in to talk with Jenny about it.   Then Jenny talks to Dr. Sara Gottfried about her book ‘The Hormone Cure’.

2013-05-13   How did Jenny get through her (dead) Mother’s Day?  Hey women, do you still lie about your ‘number’, or anything else?  What Disney character do you relate to?


2013-05-10   More talk about the Cleveland House of Horrors.  Has this story freaked out your kids?  How do you deal with it?  Fashion designer Betsey Johnson talks with Jenny.

2013-05-09   Jenny met J-Lo & Ross Mathews last night, and she’s feeling very shallow this morning.  How critical are you when you see pics of yourself?   How horrible is Abercrombie & Fitch with their exclusionary policies?  Author Mary Roach chats with Jenny about ‘GULP: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal’.

2013-05-08   Jenny runs into the studio with 30 seconds to spare.  Discussion about weight loss, lap band surgery, Chris Christie, and nasty people.  Jenny’s pal the Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien is on the show.

2013-05-07   Jenny made a speech in CT last night.  How’d she do?  Other people’s kids… Am I right?  Celebrity esthetician & skin care expert Renee Rouleau chats with JJ.

2013-05-06   Jenny is off today.  She thought that you might like these three interviews.  Dr. Jennifer Wider, Dr. Mark Hyman & Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien.


2013-05-03   Jenny is speaking at a function in Connecticut this weekend.  How do you talk to your children about the/their future?  Actor Jake Johnson from ‘New Girl’ comes in to talk to Jenny.

2013-05-02   Are you watching the Jodi Arias trial?  Do you still watch soap operas?  Actress Brooke Shields talks with Jenny.

2013-05-01   It’s Weight Wednesday, so weight talk abounds!  Jenny had beautiful mermaid hair on the Dr. Drew show last night.  Why are we so mean about weight problems?   Dr. Jeff Werber talks with Jenny about overweight pets.


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