2015-08-21  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-08-20  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-08-19  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-08-18  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-08-17  Description to follow.   Download link


2015-08-14  A day off for Jenny!

2015-08-13  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-08-12  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-08-11  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-08-10  Description to follow.   Download link


2015-08-07  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-08-06  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-08-05  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-08-04  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-08-03  Description to follow.   Download link


2015-07-31  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-07-30  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-07-29  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-07-28  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-07-27  Description to follow.   Download link


2015-07-20 thru 2015-07-24   Jenny’s off all week!


2015-07-17  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-07-16  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-07-15  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-07-14  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-07-13  Description to follow.   Download link


2015-07-10  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-07-09  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-07-08  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-07-07  Description to follow.   Download link

2015-07-06  Description to follow.   Download link


2015-07-03  Day off for Jenny.

2015-07-02  Doctor Visits.  News with Eric Segall.  Legal News. Jennette McCurdy talks Between!   Download link

2015-07-01  Vegan expert Marco Borges.  Maria Schiavicampo lost 90 pounds.  Chef Anna Jones.   Download link

2015-06-30  Eric Segall with SCOTUS News.  Dr. Jenn Wider with Medical Talk. Scott Levy talks about women, social media & business.   Download link

2015-06-29  Is vigilante justice OK?  News with Bill Schulz.  Summer is here!  Michael Kelly from House Of Cards.   Download link


2015-06-26  Jenny talks SCOTUS marriage ruling with Eric Segall. Dr. Joseph Raffaele talks aging.  Joel McHale!!!   Download link

2015-06-25  Jenny talks to Peri Gilpin.  Eric Segall talks the news.  Natasha Lyonne in studio.  Jackie Collins.   Download link

2015-06-24   It’s Weight Wednesday.  Amber Brown from Extreme Weight Loss.  Actress Uzo Aduba.   Download link

2015-06-23   Jenny has doctor issues.  Things break!  Dr. Jenna Wider.  Filmmaker Brian Grazer.   Download link

2015-06-22   Jenny talks about the Charleston Shooting.  Do you give honest advice to your friends?  Lauren Miller.  Author Candace Bushnell.   Download link


2015-06-19   Tanya Williams.  Captain Tom Bunn talks about fear of flying.  Jenny Johnson?  Rob Delaney   Download link

2015-06-18   Jenny talks about the South Carolina shooting.  Eric Segall.  Adam Glassman.   Download link

2015-06-17   Jenny is on Wendy Williams today!

2015-06-16   A recap of Jenny’s LA trip.  Doctor Jenn Wider.  Author Brad Meltzer.   Download link

2015-06-15   Jenny is off to be on The Talk!


2015-06-12   Lots of Rachel Dolezal talk.  Jamilla Deria from the Apollo Theater.  Dominique Ansel.   Download link

2015-06-11   Charreah Jackson talks relationships.  Sunny Hostin with legal news.  Author Ali Wentworth.   Download link

2015-06-10   Jenny has the day off.

2015-06-09   Robert Verdi, Gretta Monahan, Dr. Jenn Wider & Adam Carolla in studio.   Download link

2015-06-08   Ali Wentworth in studio.  Lisa Bloom talks about the McKinney, Texas pool party.  Grant Cardone in studio.   Download link


2015-06-05   Soon   Download link

2015-06-04   Soon   Download link

2015-06-03   Soon   Download link

2015-06-02   Soon   Download link

2015-06-01   Soon   Download link


2015-05-29   Soon   Download link

2015-05-28   Soon   Download link

2015-05-27   Soon   Download link

2015-05-26   Soon   Download link

2015-05-25   Jenny’s off for Memorial Day


2015-05-22   Soon   Download link

2015-05-21   Soon   Download link

2015-05-20   Soon   Download link

2015-05-19   Soon   Download link

2015-05-18   Soon   Download link


2015-05-15   Soon   Download link

2015-05-14   Soon   Download link

2015-05-13   Soon   Download link

2015-05-12   Jenny took the day off to be on TV!

2015-05-11   Soon   Download link


2015-05-08   Soon   Download link

2015-05-07   Soon   Download link

2015-05-06   Soon   Download link

2015-05-05   Soon   Download link

2015-05-04   Soon   Download link


2015-05-01   Soon   Download link

2015-04-30   Danaye Barahona & Lauren Bowling   Download link

2015-04-29   Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien, Maria Bello, Ramona Singer & Sonja Morgan   Download link

2015-04-28   Baltimore Riots talk, Penelope Ann Miller, Effie Write & Dr. Jenn Wider.   Download link

2015-04-27   Dr. Jeffrey Fishberger & comedian Anna Drezen   Download link


2015-04-24   Suzanne Somers, Michael Rapaport, Artie Lange & Dog the Bounty Hunter.   Download link

2015-04-23   Joey Maalouf, Cara Santana & Eric Segall.   Download link

2015-04-22   Author Dallas Hartwig & Joni Edelman   Download link

2015-04-21   Bill Nye, Jill Soloway & Dr. Jenn Wider.   Download link

2015-04-20   Lenore Skenazy talks about Free Range Parenting & infertility talk.   Download link


2015-04-17   Jenny Johnson, TV talk with Alicia Rancilio & songwriter Cynthia Weil.   Download link

2015-04-16   Jenny took the day off to be on Wendy Williams.

2015-04-15   Actor Kal Penn, author Alexandra Jamieson, Dr. Sara Gottfried talks hormones & Dr. Joel Kahn.   Download link

2015-04-14   Comedian Loni Love & Ron Mitchell talks career and resumes.   Download link

2015-04-13   Damian Holbrook talks Game of Thrones, Bill Schulz & Vegan blogger Elisa Camahort.   Download link


2015-04-10   Damian Holbrook, numerologist Glynis McCants & actor Gary Cole.   Download link

2015-04-09   Debbie Gibson, lifecoach Stefanie Ziev & comedian Nikki Glaser.   Download link

2015-04-08   Dr. Mark Hyman & author Brian Donovan   Download link

2015-04-07   Eric Segall,  Dr. Jenn Wider & Nick Zano.   Download link

2015-04-06   Jenny took the day off today.


2015-04-03   Soon   Download link

2015-04-02   Soon   Download link

2015-04-01   Jenny is in Los Angeles to appear on The Talk again!

2015-03-31   No show today.  Jenny is heading for Los Angeles!

2015-03-30   Soon   Download link


2015-03-27   Soon   Download link

2015-03-26   Soon   Download link

2015-03-25   Soon   Download link

2015-03-24   Soon   Download link

2015-03-23   Soon   Download link


2015-03-20   Soon   Download link

2015-03-19   Soon   Download link

2015-03-18   Soon   Download link

2015-03-17   Soon   Download link

2015-03-16   Soon   Download link


2015-03-13   Soon   Download link

2015-03-12   Soon   Download link

2015-03-11   Soon   Download link

2015-03-10   Soon   Download link

2015-03-09   Soon   Download link


2015-03-06   Jenny Johnson, Sara Benincasa, Lana Parrilla and Jack McBrayer!   Download link

2015-03-05   Perez Hilton is on my show today! Felicity Huffman, and Anne Heche on too!   Download link

2015-03-04   Weight Wednesday!  Were you, or are you the ‘fat friend’?  Jessie Kahnweiler talking about her webseries ‘The Skinny’.  Jenny’s cardiologist Hooman Yaghoobzadeh.  Author Danielle Walker in studio to talk everything gluten free.  I talk to volleyball great Gabby Reese.   Download link

2015-03-03   Eric Segall with legal news.  Dr. Jen Wider with medical news, and talking penis size.  Who were you in ‘The Breakfast Club’.  Do your kids criticize what you wear and how you behave?  Do you change because of their critiques?   Download link

2015-03-02   Yay! Im back on in the daytime!  Bill Schulz with the news.  Hoda Kotb talks everything.  Did you see ’50 Shades Of Grey?’   Download link


2015-02-27   News and more with Jenny Johnson!  Then relationship blogger Jozen Cummings talks relationships!  Also, dog trainer Cesar Millan!   Download link

2015-02-26   Eric Segall talks headlines and the Affordable Care Act.  Julianne Smolinski talks everything.  Barry Williams talks about ‘A Very Barry Branson’.   Download link

2015-02-25   Weight Wednesday!  The Blender Girl, Tess Masters talks about Weight Watchers and healthy blender recipes.  Your calls about all things diet, body & weight!  Does Hillary Clinton coming forward about her weight issues help people to recognize her human side?   Download link

2015-02-24   Dr. Jen Wider with medical news… Temporary Boob Jobs.  Sex Injuries are way up post 50 Shades.  Perimenopause can last 14 yrs.  What’s the best day and time to see your doctor?  Author/chef Jesse Schenker  talks about his book ‘All or Nothing’.  Actress Tiffani Thiessen.  Jenny talks with actor Chris Elliott about ‘Schitt’s Creek.’   Download link

2015-02-23   Time change info!  The news with Anthony DeRosa.  Entertainment Weekly Radio’s Mario Correa talks about the Oscars 2015.  Make-up artist Sandy Linter.   Download link


2015-02-20   News and silliness.  Then I talk to Kevin Costner!  Plus restaurateur Tom Colicchio.   Download link

2015-02-19   Jenny is still in LaLa Land doing her thing, so no show.

2015-02-18   No live show today while Jenny schmoozes it up in Los Angeles!

2015-02-17   Live from Los Angeles!  Policy wonk Aaron Carroll talks to Jenny.  Executive Producer of ET’s The Insider, Brad Bessey live in studio!  Robin Tunney talks about The Mentalist finale.   Download link

2015-02-16   President’s Day off for Jenny!


2015-02-13   The very funny Jenny Johnson with the 36 questions that will make us fall in love.  The very funny, and anxious, Sara Benincasa.  Funnyman Tom Green.   Download link

2015-02-12   News with Eric Segall.  Adam Glassman talks about last minute Valentine’s gifts.  Chip Chick in studio talks gadgets.  Is it selfish to not have kids? Or is it selfish to have kids and not take care of them? re: Pope’s recent statements.   Download link

2015-02-11   Weight Wednesday!  How do you undo a binge?  Author Jared Koch talks ‘Clean Plates’.  Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life in studio.  Traveling woman Bethany Mota talks with Jenny.   Download link

2015-02-10   Relationship advice with Keith Hutt.  Relationship counselor Susan Elliott talks about ‘Getting Back Out There’.  Dr. Jennifer Wider talks Biological Clock: is it real?  And gives Jenny the Love/sex health quiz.  HPV vaccine myths.  Sylvia Zaldivar from Maestro Cares talks about their mission to  help build orphanages for children in Latin America.   Download link

2015-02-09   Hot Topics.  Scott Stossel talks about his book My Age Of Anxiety.  Charreah Jackson talks with me about Valentine’s Day.  We talk relationships with Terri Trespico!   Download link


2015-02-06   No show today while Jenny celebrates her birthday tomorrow!

2015-02-05   News with Eric Segall.  Pop culture with Jenny Johnson  The big gay wedding with Lance Bass!  Jenny & Lance chat about his televised nuptials that are airing right now on E!   Download link

2015-02-04   It’s Weight Wed!  Keith Hutt talks exercise and eating.  Nutritionist Keri Glassman talks nutrition.  People are upset with a Weight Watchers ad?  I think it is FUNNY!  CALL in and tell me what you think!   Download link

2015-02-03   On tonight’s show… Bill Schulz talks about everything.  Dr. Jennifer Wider talks about vagina health.  Busy Philipps from TBS Cougar Town.   Download link

2015-02-02   Super Bowl ads.  News with Ant DeRosa.  Sports Culture Analyst Jill Munroe talks Super Bowl.  Russell Saunders talks about vaccines.  Should vaccinating your children be mandatory?  Tonight’s Hutt Stuff is Banza Chickpea Pasta.  Never tasted it but obsessed with trying it now.   Download Link


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