2014-07-18   If an inappropriate joke makes you laugh does that make it ok?  We talk about the Jason Bugg and Bill Maher troubles.  Listen to LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian talk about ‘LeAnn And Eddie’ on my show today.   Download link

2014-07-17   What’s your favorite music?  Leah Remini talks about ‘It’s All Relative’.   Download link

2014-07-16   It’s Weight Wednesday! Are you dieting?!  Andie McDowell talks about Cedar Cove, the Hallmark Channel, and how she stays fit.   Download link

2014-07-15   Jenny is off today.

2014-07-14   Jenny is off today.


2014-07-11   Jenny is off today.

2014-07-10   Do you like to travel alone?! Changes at The View keep happening… Yay!  ‘Naughty But Nice’ Rob Shuter live in studio.   Download link

2014-07-09   Listen to me talk to Author/model/actress Courtnry Robertson about her book.  Then dietitian Brooke Alpert.   Download link

2014-07-08   Cooking fails.  Makeup artist Melissa Murphy!  Fun, and your calls.   Download link

2014-07-07   Back from vacation!!  Lots to talk about, including the Anthony Cumia situation. Tune in and call.  Happy to be live.   Download link


2014-07-04   Jenny’s off all week!

2014-07-03   Jenny’s off all week!

2014-07-02   Jenny’s off all week!

2014-07-01   Jenny’s off all week!

2014-06-30   Jenny’s off today!

2014-06-27   What’s up with Shia LaBeouf?!  There’s a shakeup at The View.  Who should be the new hosts?  Sex talk with kids… What  to say?   Download link

2014-06-26   What do your CRAZY dreams mean?  Ryan Holiday talks about his book ‘The Obstacle Is The Way’.  I need a private consult!   Download link

2014-06-25   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Talking about new medicines.  Smoking for weight loss?!?!  Jennifer Esposito LIVE in studio!   Download link

2014-06-24   Celebrity run-ins!  A Tanya teeth update.  Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling LIVE talking about ‘Mystery Girls’.   Download link

2014-06-23   Nanny envy?  Or do you believe parents who use nannies are bad parents?!  How’s your grammar?!   Download link


2014-06-20   Is cursing still a big deal?  Do you trust TV doctors?  Les & Ashley Gold from Hardcore Pawn.   Download link

2014-06-19   End of the year crazies!  Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs in studio to talk about ‘I Like You Just The Way I Am’.  Download link

2014-06-18   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Are you dieting?!  Doctor Steve from the Weird Medicine podcast talks about the Dr. Oz controversy.  Kerry Nolan talks about weight & friends.   Download link

2014-06-17   Embarrassing falls, impromptu parties, cursing. and Jerry Ferrara LIVE in studio.   Download link

2014-06-16   How much freedom do you give your teenage kids in the summer?  Taye Diggs talks about ‘Murder In The First’.   Download link


2014-06-13   Pizza!  Pete Dominick drops by.  Dads for Daughters.  Dr. Carl Hart talks about his book, HighPrice.   Download link

2014-06-12   Two days off in a week!

2014-06-11   It’s Weight Wednesday!  What diet would you pick?  Do you have to eat breakfast?  What NOT to say to dieters!  What diet are you following?!   Download link

2014-06-10   Bed, Bath & Beyond customer service fail.  Would you use Foria pot lube?!  Dog the Bounty Hunter & Beth Chapman talk about the new season on CMT.   Download link

2014-06-09   A day off for Jenny!


2014-06-06   Plastic surgery wishes.  Is it our duty to have kids?  Emily Giffin talks about her book, The One And Only!   Download link

2014-06-05   Is the internet, or video games, to blame for murderous kids?  Is Justin Bieber a racist?  Do you like sad movies?   Download link

2014-06-04   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Talking strategies to lose weight.  We talk to Lauren Gordon who will be on The Daily Meal.  Download link

2014-06-03   What do you think of the Bowe Bergdahl soldier swap?  The Fault in Our Stars… Did you read it?  Will you see the movie?   Download link

2014-06-02   Chris & Heidi Powell live in studio talking about ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss!!!  Download Link


2014-05-30   Should it be easier to PREVENT someone’s getting a gun?  Evy Poumpouras talks about her life in the Secret Service!   Download link

2014-05-29   #Free The Nipple!  Is it too easy to get guns?  Bill Lawrence & Ron Funches call in to talk about NBC’s Undateable premiering tonight!   Download link

2014-05-28   The magnificent Maya Angelou has died.  We remember her at the top of show.  And The Whole30’s Melissa Hartwig in studio.   Download link

2014-05-27   Talking about the UCSB killer and #YesAllWomen.  Important conversation to have!   Download link

2014-05-26   Jenny’s off for Memorial Day!

   We’re talking about the Dr. Laura show.  Mark Cuban comments on the Donald Sterling thing.  It’s Day two of healthy eating two week challenge and more!   Download link

2014-05-22   What do you think about paid menstrual leave?!  Can an open marriage work?  Would you ever tell a parent they’re messing up?  Have you ever wanted to give unsolicited advice to a mom and then held your tongue?   Download link

2014-05-21   It’s Weight Wednesday!  You did not eat that!!  Plus Eliza Zied talks about her book, Younger Next Week.   Download link

2014-05-20   Headlines & updates.  Then I talk to Debbie Robins about foster success.   Download link

2014-05-19   Lea Michele LIVE in studio!  Then talking Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA).  Sexism in the workplace.  And the Louie ‘Fat Girl’ episode.   Download link


2014-05-16   Are Skype doctors a good thing?  Melissa Moore and her book, Shattered Silence: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer’s Daughter.   Download link

2014-05-15   How do you handle pushy emails?  Glynnis MacNicol and Rachel Sklar from The List in studio.   Download link

2014-05-14   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Fad diets.  Are you an Orthorexic?  Dr. Alwin Lewis talks about the Five Bite Diet.  Diets Are Fun!   Download link

2014-05-13   What’s up with what Jay-Z said to Solange?  Is anything private anymore?  Are you anxious?!  Are you a tech mom/lady?!   Download link

2014-05-12   Live in studio with Adam Carolla talking about ‘President Me’.  Monica Lewinsky discussion…   Download link


2014-05-09   What to do about pushy people?  Are digital doctors ok? Yay!  Gabby Bernstein is live to talk about ‘Miracles Now’!   Download link

2014-05-08   We talk about the Emily Letts’ abortion video.  Monica Lewinsky 10 years later… thoughts?   Download link

2014-05-07   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein talk about ‘Breast Milk: The Movie’.  Then hopefully Opie, Anthony & Jim Norton.   Download link

2014-05-06   Mother’s day gifts.  Then Dr. Lauren Streicher talks about ‘Love Sex Again’.   Download link

2014-05-05   Are you ready for Mother’s Day?  What are you doing to live past 90?!  Cinco de Mayo and more!    Download link


2014-05-02   Video ideas.  Is fantasizing about real people cheating?  Annabel Gurwitch talks about ‘I See You Made An Effort’.   Download link

2014-05-01   Jenny tells us about her car trouble stories… UGH!  I’m not proud!  David Lascher talks about his movie ‘Sister’.   Download link

2014-04-30   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Does calling girls fat makes them obese?  We talk about dieting fails.  Dr. Joel Fuhrman talks about ‘End of Dieting’.   Download link

2014-04-29   It’s a Donald Sterling update.  Do you agree with Alicia Silverstone’s parenting tips?!  There’s going to be a Grease remake!  I need help with my family dinners.   Download link

2014-04-28   It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.  We talk about the Don Sterling remarks.  Some George Clooney talk.  Celeb chef Dominique Ansel is here for a Pastry Party!   Download link

2014-04-25   It’s Fat Friday!  Kidding…  Listener email.  Stalking kids and social media.  AND I talk to Debbie Allen!   Download link

2014-04-24   Talking about Joan Rivers.  More pushy people.  Then Glynnis MacNicol and Rachel Sklar come by to talk about The Li.st!!!   Download link

2014-04-23   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Is being FAT a pre-existing medical condition?  Debbie Matenopoulos talks about life & ‘It’s All Greek To Me’.   Download link

2014-04-22   What do you do about pushy people? Is powdered alcohol even kinda ok?  Melissa Errico talks about her new show!   Download link

2014-04-21   At what age do you give kids freedom?!  Is teaching girls to play ‘hard to get’ anti feminism?!  And more!  What do YOU think?   Download link


2014-04-18   Jenny was off today.

2014-04-17   Jenny was off today.

2014-04-16   It’s Weight Wednesday!  Have you been fat shamed by a doctor?  Doctor Mark Hyman live, talks about the 10 Day Detox.   Download link

2014-04-15   Jenny was off today.

2014-04-14   What is your favorite app?  I love Jelly!  Antisemitism still alive, KansasJCC shooting!  Passover traditions.  How do you celebrate Passover and Easter?!   Download link


2014-04-11   Friday Sound Off!!  More parenting fails.  What regrets do you have?  Duggar Family redux.   Download link

2014-04-10   Stabbing in Pennsylvania!  We talk parenting fails and life regrets.  Comedian Gary Gulman stops by!  He’s funny.   Download link

2014-04-09   Weight Wednesday!  Too fat to fly?  Is Jillian Michaels leaving The Bigest Loser?  Talking to Nell Sthepenson about Paleoista.   Download link

2014-04-08   Jenny talks about the sick baby at sea.  Selfies with the president?  How about that human Barbie?  Who should replace Letterman?   Download link

2014-04-07   Talking with Agahozo-Shalom about the Rwandan genocide 20 years later. Then Jenny talks to David Steinberg about Inside Comedy & so much more!   Download link


2014-04-04   Do you use self tanners?!  More talk about the Duggars.  David Letterman’s retirement announcement.  James Franco may be in trouble.   Download link

2014-04-03   What to do about mental health.  Talking about the Duggars!  And I talk to ABC’s Dan Harris.   Download link

2014-04-02   WEIGHT WEDNESDAY!  Joan Rivers thinks that Lena Dunham is being irresponsible with her body.  Good or shameful?  Exercise physiologist Tom Holland talks fit dads!   Download link

2014-04-01   Are we too PC?!  April fools.. Bah humbug!  Gossip and more.   Download link

March 2013 – 21 shows (477mb)   Download link


2014-03-31   Are cell phones at the table ever ok? CALL and tell me your opinion!  Should college athletes be paid?!


2014-03-28   Why the Gwyneth Paltrow hate?!  Should college athletes be paid?  CALL or tweet to me!

2014-03-27   How do you cope with being a mom, and with pot?!  Drinking while breast feeding?!  And more!  Gossip.

2014-03-26   It’s Weight Wednesday!  It’s Day Two of my Fresh Diet!  Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien will be here to talk about the Hungry Girl Diet!  Gossip!

2014-03-25   The Good Wife.. HUH?  Malaysian Flight #370.  We talk about the ‘Confessions Of A Pothead Mom’ article on HuffPost.  Is this ok?  Gossip!

2014-03-24   Banning dad’s from delivery room.  Is it legal?  Is it ok?  I talk to Jennie Garth.  Gossip.


2014-03-21   Your response to my boot tweet.  Do you want to know if you’ll be sick?  Gossip. Friday Fun!

2014-03-20   Listener advice.  Should leggings be banned?  Gossip.  Also I’m on Wendy Williams today!

2014-03-19   Weight Wednesday!  Talking to Giuliana & Bill Rancic about Ideal Protein.  Lucy Danzinger stops by and we talk about SELF Magazine!

2014-03-18   Would you want to know if you were going to have a disease?  We talk with Dr. Jennifer Wider.  Talk with Dr. Logan Levkoff about ‘Got Teens?’.

2014-03-17   LA Earthquake!  LA people call in!  Where’s Malaysian Flight #370.  Would you want to know your fate?  Gossip.


2014-03-14   What happened to Malaysian Flight #370?  Would you want to know if you were going to have Alzheimer’s?

2014-03-13   Should ‘bossy’ be banned?  Tweet, or better yet, call.  Carol J. Roth talks about starting a business.

2014-03-12   Weight Wednesday!  Is the word ‘Fat’ ok?  Talking about the ‘No Body Shame Campaign’ with Whitney Way.  We talk with Vinnie Tortorich about ‘Fitness Confidential’.

2014-03-11   We talk with Dr. Sanjay Gupta about ‘Weed To Cannabis Madness’.  Busy Philipps from Cougar Town!  Gossip & more!

2014-03-10   We talk about the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.  Ugh!  Sunny Hostin talks about ‘Making The Case’.  Gossip.

2014-03-07   Coming up NOW I talk to Jason Momoa!

2014-03-06   Rachel Canning… Is she abused or a brat?  Is Oscar Pistorius guilty?  Gossip, and more!

2014-03-05   Weight Wednesday!  What matters?  Can you be fat and happy?  Dee McCaffrey talks about ‘The Science of Skinny’.

2014-03-04   What’s your take on today’s news?  TV genius Bill Lawrence talks about the Undateable show & tour.  Gossip!

2014-03-03   I’m talking bad customer service!  Call with your poor customer service stories… now.

February 2013 – 19 shows (435mb)   Download link


2014-02-28   Lean-in vs recline… WOMEN do you measure up?!  Dr. Jenn Berman comes by!  Gossip!

2014-02-27   Teen troubles.  Minnie Driver talk ‘About A Boy’, and more!

2014-02-26   Weight Wed! What matters?  The thigh gap diet.  Tony Danza talks health.  Gossip!

2014-02-25   Should a Doctor ever lie?  We talk to Jon Leiberman about ‘Whitey On Trial’.  Gossip.  Your calls

2014-02-24   Insomnia.  Say hello!  Is it ever ok for doctors to lie to patients?  Actor Scott Wolf.  Gossip!


2014-02-21   Coldsore update.  Does equality in marriage equal less sex?!  Gossip.

2014-02-20   Cold Sore Remedies.  Teen Serial Killer.  Does an equal marriage = less sex?

2014-02-19   Weight Wednesday!  JJ Virgin talks about the Virgin Diet Cookbook.  Actor Donald Faison stops by.  Think he’ll talk dieting

2014-02-18   What do you think about the Bode Miller interview?  The Michael Dunn trial verdict.  Gossip.

2014-02-17   Jenny has taken Presidents’ Day off!


2014-02-14   Valentines Day!  Last minute gift ideas from EKLEXIC!  I talk to Iris Krasnow about Hot Grannies and sex.  Gossip!

2014-02-13   The snow!  Michael Dunn trial verdict watch . I talk to Wendy Williams!  Gossip.

2014-02-12   Weight Wednesday!  Cookbook author Danielle Walker.  Justin Klosky talks OCD with Jenny.  Plus Gossip!

2014-02-11   Westminster Dog Show recap.  The Michael Dunn trial, and more!  Gossip.

2014-02-10   Talking your opinions on current events… Gay athlete, Woody Allen, Heroin, Winter Olympics.  Gossip!


2014-02-07   It’s Jenny’s birthday!  Jenny pitches her blog about panic attacks.

2014-02-06   CVS quits selling tobacco.  Yay?!  Is Woddy Allen guilty?  Frank Spinelli talks about Pee Sky.

2014-02-05   Weight Wednesday!  Did the Biggest Loser winner go to far?  Jonathon Bailor talks about The Calorie Myth.

2014-02-04   Is/was Woody Allen a predator?  What do you think of the Coke ad?  Gossip and more!

2014-02-03   Jenny was at Howard Stern’s party over the weekend.  Funerals & mother-in-laws.  How’s your mother-in-law?  Jenny’s Superbowl recap.

January 2013 – 19 shows (451mb)   Download link


2014-01-31   How do you deal with delusional friends?  Should I say yes to speaking event?  Gossip!

2014-01-30   What have you said to your kid that you now regret?!

2014-01-29   Weight Wednesday! How’s YOUR diet?  Jenny talks to Ana Gasteyer.  GOSSIP.

2014-01-28   Is cancer tweeting ok?  What kind of mom are you?!  GOSSIP!

2014-01-27   Jenny’s feeling sad again during this time of year.  My show starts NOW.  Call to talk about ALL of it.  NOW.
2014-01-24   Thank God it’s Friday!  Jenny talks about the new Sarah Silverman PSA.  Gossip.

2014-01-23   Jenny talks about honest moms.  Your skin questions with Dr. Debra Wattenberg.  Gossip.

2014-01-22   It is Weight Wednesday!! Dr. Frank Lipman will be here talking health, wellness and his AWESOME cleans! And then Dave Asprey talks Bullet Proof Coffee

2014-01-21   Jenny loves the snow storm!  Suicide at UPenn… UGH!!  Talking sex to teens.  Gossip & your calls.

2014-01-20   Jenny’s show is LIVE this morning.  Listen and call in!  Jenny wants to talk to Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman.
2014-01-17   Weekly roundup of current events.  Gossip.  Your calls!

2014-01-16   Jenny is off today to appear on the Wendy Williams Show

2014-01-15   Weight Wednesday!  Jenny talks about the FaceBook weight loss picture.  Dr. Lou Aronne on the show.

2014-01-14   Do you love Woody Allen or hate him?  Is there ever TMI online?  GOSSIP.  Your calls!

2014-01-13   Dr. Jenn Berman and Couples Therapy.  David Thomas & Evan Forster from Job Talk.
2014-01-10   Chris Christie and BridgeGate.  Pot legalization.  What kind of mom are you?  Gossip!  Also included is Jenny’s appearance on the Pete Dominick show from Friday.

2014-01-09   Jenny talks about mean girls.  Should pregnant woman on life support have to sustain pregnancy?

2014-01-08   Weight Wednesday!  Diet report.  Angela Haupt talks about her article in US News & World Report. Gossip & Your Calls.

2014-01-07   The marijuana debate… Shoud pot be legal?! Jenny’s cookie story.  Actress Gillian Jacobs in studio. GOSSIP!

2014-01-06   Happy New Year!  Jenny’s vacation recap.  New Year’s resolutions, gossip. YOUR calls!


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